Application Tips


Application Tips

How to put your best foot forward when applying for any job

  • Pay attention to the requirements! Some jobs have specific first review dates, closing dates, documents required for uploading, etc. Make sure you read (and re-read!) the job announcement and any additional information available regarding the job before you submit an application, so you are knowledgeable about the position and what is required.

  • Fully update your application. Make sure that ALL of your information is up to date and accurate! When you submit an application, you are certifying that the information is correct. If someone finds out that your application was inaccurate, you may be disqualified from the process.

  • Provide details and answer supplemental questions thoroughly. The City of Auburn utilizes something called a scoring plan, which reviews answers to supplemental questions to determine which candidates meet minimum qualifications. If given the opportunity to provide examples, draw on specific instances that have happened in your work history to explain your answer! Hiring managers will look to these answers as validation of your experience and qualifications.