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Meet some of our amazing colleagues!

Employee Testimonial - Alexa Bragg

Alexa celebrated her 1-year "work-iversary" at the City of Auburn as a Registration Clerk on September 1st, 2022. A typical day for her is a lot of great interaction with the public, providing positive customer service to anyone that stops by the department or calls, and coming together to creatively problem solve with other co-workers and customers alike. 

When asked what her most memorable day on the job was during her first year, she stated, "My most memorable day on the job was working with the specialized recreation population and getting a participant registered. This participant was overjoyed with happiness as we were able to get them into this specific program they had been patiently waiting to register for, as COVID restrictions put this program on hold until recently. The pure joy and happiness on their face reminded me of what we do as Parks, Arts, & Recreation employees!"

Alexa was recently promoted to the Parks Administrative Assistant role, which will give her new opportunities to expand her knowledge and help customers and internal staff alike!

Employee Testimonial - Craig Dobyns

Craig will be celebrating his 9 year “work-iversary” at the City of Auburn as the Engineer Design Manager on July 7, 2023. He stated a typical day for him always varies day to day, and that is what he loves about his job. When asked what his most memorable moment was in his position he indicated participating in the hiring process and interviewing potential team members. Craig stated who ever is considering the City of Auburn as an employer is awesome as the City of Auburn feels like one huge family and there is never a dull moment, and he can't find a better place to work.

Employee Testimonial - Charlie Singh

Charlie recently celebrated his 4 year “work-iversary” at the City of Auburn. He started his career as a Housing Repair Technician and then promoted to a Building Inspector in January 2022 .  When we asked Charlie what his typical day looks like, he stated he starts his day with a smile. He comes in and checks the inspection list and gets them scheduled out and makes calls to line up future appointments. He then checks in with his team prior to going out in the field. Once he has completed all of his inspections he returns to the office and enters all of his findings and address any corrections or code questions. While in office, during his free time he uses it for either training, plan review, or helping out the department with its daily checklists, procedures and studying any related code items to stay knowledgeable in his position.

When asked what was his most memorable day on the job, he said it was his meet and greet with Mayor Backus. Charlie says he as always felt comfortable as an employee here and the environment that the administration brings to team auburn, they truly create a warm feeling and makes it welcoming for people of all walks of life.